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TAXI BOAT SERVICE Escazu Hotels to Playa Hermosa Santa Teresa:


1 Passenger: $165

2 Passengers: $220

3 Passengers: $275

4 Passengers: $330

5 Passengers: $385


Departure: 7:30 am

Arrival: 1:00 pm

Contact Us: Escazu Hotels to Playa Hermosa Santa Teresa Taxi Boat Services TAXI BOAT SERVICE Escazu Hotels to Playa Hermosa Santa Teresa


This service includes ground transportation from Escazu Hotels area to Herradura/Jaco Beach, from Herradura/Jaco Beach to Montezuma via Taxi Boat. Ground Transportation from Montezuma to Playa Hermosa Santa Teresa

Departing from Escazu Hotels area at 7:30am, arriving to Playa Hermosa Santa Teresa by 1:00pm. 



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