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TAXI BOAT SERVICE Santa Teresa to Los Suenos Marriott Resort:


Adult: $55 / Child: $35 


Departure: 7:45 am

Arrival: 10:00 am

Contact Us: Santa Teresa to Los Suenos Marriott Resort Taxi Boat Services TAXI BOAT SERVICE Santa Teresa to Los Suenos Marriott Resort


7:45am pick up from your hotel, hostel, Airbnb or rental in Santa Teresa, then you will be transfer in a shuttle by land to Montezuma where the boat actually leave. (Unfortunately there are no taxi boats from Santa Teresa directly since this is a surf break)

Enjoy traveling the beautiful picturesque way as we take you from the shores of Santa Teresa to Los Suenos Marriott Resort-Jaco.
The boat ride takes only one hour and is the fastest way to get from Montezuma to Los Suenos Marriott Resort-Jaco or vice versa.

Upon your arrival in Los Suenos Marriott Resort-Jaco Beach you will be transfer to your destination in a shuttle by land.
Chance to see marine wildlife, like dolphins, rays, sea turtles and if you are lucky even whales on season. 
- Reservations in advance are required. 


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